Rhumbix Improvements | Web 3.84

RhumbixNovember 14, 2019 • 2 min read

We are excited to announce some much-requested updates to the Rhumbix application in Web v3.84. In addition to bug fixes, v3.84 will include features such as creating field forms and adding images through the Rhumbix Dashboard.

Create Field Forms via Rhumbix Dashboard

Field Form users will now have greater access to creating new forms. Before, the only place to create Field Forms was through the Rhumbix App, but now, you can create them through your Rhumbix Dashboard too! Simply make your way to “T&M Tracking” under Field Forms in the main menu. In the action bar on the top of the page, you’ll see a new button that says “Create” which will generate a new page for you to enter in your T&M details.

Add Images via Rhumbix Dashboard

Have you ever wanted to add an image to a T&M Form, but the image existed only on your computer and not on your mobile device? To save users several steps to send the files to your mobile devices, Field Form users will now also have access to adding photos to their Field Forms through the Web Platform. While going through standard workflow to make edits onto T&M Forms, there will now be a section to upload photos onto your forms!

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up Field Forms and add photos through the Rhumbix Dashboard can be found on our Support Center.

International Phone Numbers

This new feature is a useful one for our users overseas. Initially, the team members page only supported phone numbers within the US and Canada. In v.3.84, users can now link international phone numbers to team members with ease!

You can always find more information about Rhumbix on our Support Center. You can also reach out with any questions to Support@Rhumbix.com, or call in at 855.RHUMBIX (855.748.6249). Be sure to opt-in for automatic updates on our Rhumbix Blog to always be caught up with the latest!