Rhumbix Improvements | Web v3.104

RhumbixAugust 18, 2020 • 2 min read

Our team at Rhumbix has released v3.104 of the Web-App! v3.104 brings new user-interface updates to our Left-Nav menu.

Condensed Left-Nav

In v3.104, our Left-Nav has been condensed and minimized for cleaner and smoother navigation through our Web-App. Upon logging in, you’ll see that all sections in the Left-Nav are condensed by default. To expand each section, simply click on the arrow to the left, or on the title of the section itself.

All sections in the Left-Nav will be condensed upon login by default. You can expand these sections by clicking on the arrow, or on the title of the section itself.

You can also minimize the Left-Nav altogether by clicking on the arrow at the top. This will condense the Left-Nav further and show simple icons. To navigate to another page you can click on one of the icons to populate a dropdown menu and select the page you’d like to go to.

Click on an icon in the minimized Left-Nav menu to populate a dropdown. Select the page you’d like to navigate to.

Show Deleted Forms

In your Field Forms list view, you can now filter to show or omit deleted Field Forms. This can be set in the right rail using the new “Show Deleted Items” button.

To show deleted Field Forms, toggle the box on. To omit deleted Field Forms, toggle the box off.

Some users prefer to see deleted Field Forms in the list view while others find it cluttering. Users will now be able to customize to their own preference.

You can always find more information about Rhumbix on our Support Center. You can also reach out with any questions to Support@Rhumbix.com, or call in at 855.RHUMBIX (855.748.6249). Be sure to opt-in for automatic updates on our Rhumbix Blog to always be caught up with the latest!