Rhumbix Improvements | Web v3.137

RhumbixJuly 11, 2022 • 2 min read

Rhumbix has released v3.137 of the Web App! This release brings with it a new dashboard, Field Analytix: Worker Hours & Absences, for all timekeeping customers. v3.137 also includes several good bug fixes.

Field Analytix: Worker Hours & Absences

We are very excited to launch this new Field Analytix dashboard to all timekeeping customers. Worker Hours & Absences is aimed at giving users a way to simply report on employee timekeeping hours and absences over a given date range with drill down date-specific detail. This could be useful for various labor management and payroll workflows regarding absences and hour sums.

Worker Hours & Absences is a simple timekeeping reporting tool to delve into worker data over specific date ranges

Who gets access:
• All Timekeeping (TK) Customers
• User Roles: Admin, Payroll Admin, PM roles have access to this new dashboard and it can be found under Analytics in the left navigation bar
• Filter by Shift Date Range, Employee Name, Employee Active/Inactive, Trade, or Class.
• Drilldown into absences types in the bar graph for worker detail or into an employee ID for shift date specific hours and absences detail.
• Export a pdf or tabular formats of this data from the top right of the whole dashboard or from a specific visualization/table.



  • Some newly added phone number area codes were not be recognized by our phone number validation. This has been resolved.
  • A few T&M users were encountering a network error when deleting and saving certain values during an edit. This has been fixed.
  • There was an issue with DCR bundles where description was being required for each DCR in the bundle table but not populated by the bundling process. The description requiredness for each DCR row in the bundle has been changed so the bundles can be save with the need to manually fill something in each description.
  • Some email clients were showing some links in our emails in white text on a white background which made them difficult to see. We’ve improved the formatting to hopefully avoid this for the predominant email clients.


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