Rhumbix Launches New Website

RhumbixMay 15, 2018 • 1 min read

We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new Rhumbix website. If you haven’t already seen our new look and feel, we encourage you to go explore https://rhumbixsandbox.wpengine.com/. The Rhumbix product and feature offerings have grown dramatically over the last year (the product and engineering teams are to thank for that!) but we noticed our website didn’t quite reflect Rhumbix current (and soon-to-be) capabilities.

The new website accomplishes a number of things but here are the highlights:

  1. Easier to find and understand product information—no one has time to read endlessly long websites, we get it. We’ve truncated content to be concise yet informative, while breaking out all products to dedicated pages so you can dive deeper into the solutions that solve your problems.
  2. More insight into the look, feel, and functionality of the product—Animated product loops show you how to create a timecard in the Rhumbix App, what information you can surface on the web app, and how you can see real-time cost code data in the field to make crucial decisions.
  3. Customers references—See what your peers have to say about using Rhumbix and working with our team.
  4. Improved press coverage page—See the latest coverage of Rhumbix in the press

We will continue to add new content to the site so check back regularly and stay up to date with the latest features on the Rhumbix blog.