Rhumbix Mobile Release | v.4.75

RhumbixFebruary 13, 2023 • 1 min read

What’s New!

We have no new feature improvements, but we did have some minor bug fixes to make our user experience more accessible.

Bug Fixes

Offline Shift Extra Attachments: It was reported that when creating an offline time card with multiple shift extra forms on the same schema and a user tries to upload images for each form, the images will only apply to one of the shift extra forms. The issue has been resolved, and any attached images to shift extras will upload as intended.

Triple Tap Done Button in Time Card: Customers reported that when triple tapping the done button on shift extras, the user is taken back to the time card setup without saving the shift extra. The issue has been resolved, and users won’t lose information when triple-clicking the done button.
Exported Time Being Edited/Deleted: Customers reported that the time card workflow allowed non-Admin users to bypass and delete time cards with an Exported status. The issue has been resolved. Users without permission to edit under a time card status will no longer see the Edit or Delete buttons, preventing unwanted edits or deletions.