Rhumbix Product Release | April 2023

Chelsie La VrarMay 17, 2023 • 2 min read

What’s New!

Timekeeping Modifiers:

Rhumbix is introducing a new Timekeeping Modifier feature that allows users to track extra timekeeping information. Users can now organize hours under cost codes by separating them with standard or custom modifiers. 

Modifiers allow users to control their timekeeping options by naming the modifier anything they want. For example, if a user wants to track shifts, they could create a “Shift” modifier with possible values of “Shift 1”, “Shift 2”, etc. 

Learn More about Modifiers on Mobile → 

Learn More about Modifiers on Web→

Offline Field Forms:

The Rhumbix Mobile App now provides offline data management for field form users with bad or no network connectivity. Users can create and edit field forms with changes submitted automatically when the device is back online. Learn More →

Production Tracking Right Rail Load Time Improvements:

The right rail load times under the Production Tracking dashboard have been improved for a better user experience. Specifically for the Payroll Admin and Project Manager User Roles.

Bug Fixes

T&M Download PDF button missing from Outlook

A customer reported that the download PDF button was not appearing in emails sent to Outlook once the guest signed a T&M form. This issue has now been resolved. 

For emails sent to Outlook after a guest signs a form in guest mode, a download PDF URL will now be available if the download PDF button does not appear.

Timekeeping Expanding Grouping in Edit Mode

It was reported that grouped timekeeping information couldn’t be expanded in the time card edit mode. This issue has been resolved. All users can expand groups and view the underlying Cost Codes and Employees.

Workers with zero hours message update

It was reported that submitting a time card containing a zero-hour worker was triggering a confusing confirmation message. The issue has been resolved, and the message no longer indicates that data will be discarded.