Rhumbix Product Release | May 2023

Chelsie La VrarJune 16, 2023 • 5 min read

What’s New!

Create Time Card in Weekly View:

Rhumbix has made it easier to create time cards in Weekly View! With the new Create Time Card feature, web users can set up a time card with the same workflow as the mobile app. Quickly enter hours for a set of employees and cost codes with a confirmation dialog box that confirms entries before a user submits time. Learn More →  

Weekly View Group By When Switching Weeks:

The Weekly View dashboard has been updated to preserve the Group By feature when users switch between weeks. 

Employee Shifts and Breaks:

Rhumbix Timekeeping users can now track start and end times for shifts, meals, and breaks at the employee level on a time card on both the Mobile App and Web Dashboard. This allows more detailed reporting around shifts and breaks. 
Learn More for the Mobile App → 
Learn More for the Web Dashboard →

New Time Card Signature Experience:

Rhumbix has improved the time card Daily and Weekly signature workflow for the Mobile App. These improvements better organize the end-of-day questions and summarize daily or weekly hours.  Learn More →

Rhumbix Timekeeping users can now obtain signatures through Weekly View on the Web Dashboard. The web time signature workflow is similar to the improved Mobile App workflow. Learn More → 

Rhumbix Timekeeping users can request time card signatures using the Text-to-Sign feature on the Web Dashboard. Learn More →  

Enterprise SSO Update
Rhumbix has updated our single sign-on (SSO) to support any OpenID Connect (OIDC) compatible identity provider. The new SSO configuration page under Company Settings will allow Admin users to configure and test the SSO setup for that company.

Project Selection for Copy To and Import
The Copy To and Import From workflow will now allow users to transfer time card data from all projects or only from a selected project into the respective field form. 

Drop-down Menus Preserve Search
Rhumbix has updated the drop-down menus to preserve the currently selected search criteria. This will make selecting multiple items that match your search easier.  

Improve Signature Error Messaging
The error messaging around Rhumbix’s new signature flow will make it clear when signature submissions fail to complete.

Bug Fixes

Reactivate Nearby Projects
An issue was reported with the Nearby Projects feature that required us to turn it off for users. The issue has been resolved, and we are now turning the Nearby Projects feature back on for all users. 

Public API Endpoint Error
An issue was reported that the employee_projects and employee_pricing public API endpoints were returning 400 Status Code Errors. This issue has been resolved, and the error no longer occurs.

Labor Type is not exporting with the CSV:
An issue was reported that the export from the Team Members page did not include the Labor Type column. This issue has been resolved. While it is available in the export, the CSV upload feature still does not support the Labor Type column. If a user includes it in the file, it will be omitted from the data that is uploaded, but a warning will appear to notify users that it has been left out. 

Daylight Savings Timekeeping Issue:
An issue was reported that during a time change picking a work-shift date/time would result in inconsistent time listed on time cards for both the Mobile App and Web Dashboard. This issue has been resolved, and the date/time selection during a time change should not result in an inconsistent time.

Using Search is Disabling Employee ID Sort:
An issue was reported on the Team Members and Projects pages under Company Settings, where the sort order was not being respected after applying a search. This issue has been resolved, and the sort is now being respected.

Find Feature Including Time Cards Without Modifiers
An issue was reported where the Find Feature for modifiers included time cards with no modifiers attached to them. This issue has been resolved, and only time cards with modifiers will be filtered.

Production Dashboard Calculating Incorrectly:
An issue was reported with the Production Dashboard where Job to Date Quantity (JTD QTY) would incorrectly show zero for discrete quantity codes with no budget. This issue has been resolved, and the JTD QTY should show the correct value. 

Access to Previous Workers Causing Crash:
An issue was reported that the Rhumbix Mobile App was crashing when Foreman would attempt to edit a time card with a worker they no longer have access to through Group or Project assignments. This issue has been resolved, and the mobile app no longer crashes.

Copy/Paste with Shift Data
An issue was reported in Weekly View. Users were encountering unexpected error messages when copying from one cell and pasting to another that already contains data. This issue has been resolved, and copying/pasting into a cell will replace the old data with the new one.

Duplicate on Weekly View:
An issue was reported where users could not use the duplicate feature in Weekly View unless they changed the number of hours before submitting the time card. This issue has been resolved, and users can now duplicate time cards with the same number of hours.