Rhumbix Release | February 2023

Chelsie La VrarApril 05, 2023 • 3 min read

What’s New!


Weekly View Find: Timekeeping users can now utilize a new Find feature in Weekly View to help organize and specify their search when viewing all time cards. This will enable users to identify all cells containing search criteria, such as Shift Extras, Absences, and more. Learn More →

Timekeeping Comments: Users can now add comments to their time cards on the Rhumbix mobile app, which will be displayed on their time cards on both the mobile app and Weekly View on the Web Dashboard. Contact your rep for more information.

Guest User Improvements: Field Forms shared with guest users will now see a descriptive email subject with details on the workflow, project, and form number. Guest users can now also download the shared form with their edits to keep for reference.

CSV Upload Improvements: We have updated the CSV template giving users more explicit guidance on uploading data. The new template is now available to download from the Rhumbix Dashboard.

Inactive Equipment and Materials: Equipment and Materials can now be set as inactive, removing them from selection across all workflows. 

Add Employee Signatures to Toolbox Talk Forms: Toolbox Talk field forms now support multiple team member signatures. Each team member that attended the Toolbox Talk can individually sign the mobile form.

Grouping by Time Card in Weekly View: Rhumbix Weekly View now supports grouping by time card. Web users can see time cards grouped by time card owner and can further see individual time entries within each time card.

API Improvements: The public API was recently augmented to include the ability to fetch pricing and project assignments for Team Members, Equipment, and Materials, as well as Employee Group assignments.


There were no new features released for the Mobile app in February.

Bug Fixes


Double-clicking on Save & Close: Production values were duplicating when the save & close button was inadvertently double-clicked. This was also causing the values to become uneditable. This issue has been resolved.

Bulk Download and Bundling: Users experienced an error when trying to bulk download or bundle PDFs of Field Forms. Customers can bulk download and bundle PDFs uninterrupted. 

Duplicate Labor Types Under Team Members: Duplicate values appeared under the Labor Type and Groups columns on the Company Team Members page. This is no longer an issue.

Cost Code Comments on Mobile Not Duplicating: Cost code comments were not duplicated when created on mobile. This issue has been resolved.


Triple Tap Done Button in Time Card: Triple tapping the done button on shift extras resulted in being directed back to the time card setup without saving the shift extra. This is no longer an issue.

Exported Time Being Edited/Deleted: The time card workflow allowed non-Admin users to bypass and delete time cards with an Exported status. Users without permission to edit under a time card status will no longer see the Edit or Delete buttons, preventing unwanted edits or deletions.

You can find more information about Rhumbix at our Support Center. You can also reach out with questions to support@Rhumbix.com.