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Rhumbix Reveals A New Look and Feel To Mobile App

RhumbixApril 08, 2020 • 1 min read

As we continue to release new features, improve our mobile and web apps, we often make changes to functionality. We do this through customer feedback, industry expertise, and best practices. Our mobile application recently became available on Android, with that move we’ve worked to standardize both applications into a single code base. This update provides for faster development and releases going forward.

Today, you’ll notice some changes to the look and feel as well as minor tweaks in navigation in your mobile application. Take a look at the below screens to see the changes.


Check out our mobile app user guide for additional resources.

New this week to the web application is a feature update to approval statues for the Weekly Time Card. This feature provides edit functionality on approval status based on a user’s role. Approval status restrictions offer more confidence to Project Managers and payroll teams to ensure no further edits are made after a time card is approved. With this update, finance can feel confident that the information in their ERP matches the data in Rhumbix.