Rhumbix Web Release | March 2023

Chelsie La VrarApril 05, 2023 • 3 min read

What’s New!

Clear Cache in Field Analytix Dashboards:
Users now have the ability to clear report cache (the saved data that is held temporarily while working in Rhumbix)  and refresh data without waiting for the automatic cache invalidation in the Field Analytix and Data Explorer Dashboards.

Upgrade to Core Software:
We are upgrading the core software for Rhumbix, which will require all users to re-login.

Save on Submit:
To improve users’ timekeeping experience of creating and editing data in Weekly View, Rhumbix has removed the automatic save while editing each field and, instead, will have all additions and changes prepared and then submitted together. This will allow users to review and make all necessary changes before the data is submitted for other users to see. Learn More →

New Submit Button for Time Cards

Display Confirmation:
Users will see a confirmation box summarizing the entered time card data when creating a new time card. Users will see a breakdown of hours per employee, the number of cost codes used, and whether employees were absent or had shift extras.

Submit Changes Dialog Box

Group by Employee or Cost Code on Weekly View:
Users can now group timekeeping data on Weekly View for easier review and entry. The grouped row includes hour totals which can be helpful for making sure the hours entered are correct. Learn more →

Group Time Card by Employee or Cost Code

Timekeeping Bulk Add Employee or Cost Code:
Users can now add Employees or Cost Codes in bulk to quickly create timekeeping rows for all combinations of Employees and Cost Codes. This will help get hour entries quicker, add missed employees, automatically get rows for each cost code, and add a cost code for all employees simultaneously.

Bulk Time Card Entries

Add Quantity ID to PT API Endpoint:
The Public API quantity endpoint now returns a unique ID for each entry to help with some integration use cases.

Bug Fixes

Public API Employee Groups Cursor Error:
It was reported that an error occurred when requesting a list of employee groups from the Public API. This issue has been resolved, and the list of employee groups is pulled from the Public API without error.

Trial Account Info Bar:
An issue was reported that the Trial Account Info Bar, which contains the trial expiration information, was no longer displaying. This issue has been resolved.

You can find more information about Rhumbix at our Support Center. You can also reach out with questions to support@Rhumbix.com.