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Success Spotlight: Reliance Interiors

RhumbixApril 08, 2020 • 1 min read

If there’s one thing we know for certain is that cultivating strong and happy relationships with customers is a crucial factor in growing a successful business with a significant competitive edge.  But a satisfied and happy customer doesn’t come by accident. It comes with hard work, great service and delivering the best possible product and result.

Fortunately, we’re proud to say that we have developed a lengthy list of raving fans. Construction firms, general contractors and sub-contractors across the country rely on Rhumbix’s field intelligence platform to collect, analyze and optimize labor productivity.

Success Spotlight:

Reliance Interiors
As a full-service interior construction firm, Reliance Interiors was unable to track project codes or cost codes for their 40 field workers and 150+ subcontractors. Their existing process was paper-based with no automation and no integration. A typical day involved juggling more than 10+ projects, each with its own foreman and subcontractors, so capturing and validating the data manually in a macro file was enormously time consuming an error-prone.

The Reliance team wanted a ‘next generation’ solution that would not only track hours but track codes for employees and subcontractors. They wanted a solution that was cloud-based and fully integrated with their existing payroll infrastructure, so they turned to Rhumbix.

The Rhumbix field intelligent platform enables foremen to check and validate the time and code information immediately—before sending to payroll—eliminating wasted time.  Accuracy improved considerably. What used to take the company two and a half days to complete, now takes 60 seconds!  Errors have been reduced between 5-10% as well.

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