T for Track Record

RhumbixOctober 05, 2018 • 2 min read

We believe that teams should get the most out of their tools both in the field and at the home office. Projects, priorities, and timelines change, but the values of construction productivity and accountability remain the same. That’s why we’re launching a mini-series on our blog, entitled the 3 T’s. After working with countless craft workers, PM’s, and payroll teams, we’ve found that the guiding principles of hard-working professionals in the construction industry remain consistent: we aim to earn a great track record amongst our teams and our peers, foster team accessibility conductive to helpful communication, and practice productive trendspotting that can keep us relevant in the 21st-century revolution of construction technology.

So, in a project-based industry, what exactly is a track record, and where does its importance play out? Gaining a solid track record on the field aids in all aspects of business, from recruitment to payroll, and ensures that your team will acquire new projects seamlessly from word-of-mouth referrals. Furthermore, a commendable track record sets a precedent for great teamwork that is efficient, effective, and ever-evolving.

  • Gather the best teams: High-achieving teams, like skyscrapers, are built from the ground up. Craft workers know that they are in demand at the highest rates since the housing crisis. Thus, they expect the best conditions and technology with which to lend their talents. Equipping your team members (both on the field and at the office) with simple communications technology that’s designed to optimize construction productivity will have the best professionals flocking to your project.
  • Establish a progressive reputation: Whether it be team members, new business, or building permits, PM’s are never done reaching out and recruiting. They know the challenges associated with seeing new projects to completion and understand the intricacies of an outstanding reputation. That’s why leading PMs value the technology that gives them (and their reputations!) a competitive edge.
  • Earn pride in integrity: Perhaps most important to the wellbeing and safety of those on the field, as well as future occupants of the building, is integrity. Integrity stems not only from honest work but from open communicators, who relay potential problems to their PM’s and teams. Streamline open and honest communication with accessible tools like Rhumbix, with which craft workers can communicate with leaders effortlessly. Now that’s something we can take pride in.

About Rhumbix: We know that the best technology provides you with a way to get to work, faster. Rhumbix Field Intelligence Platform is a digital solution that improves every aspect of daily construction operations with better data from the field to the home office. Rhumbix boosts productivity, craft worker morale, and building quality while providing a field experience that teams love.