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The Technology Disrupting Current Construction Workflows

RhumbixOctober 04, 2022 • 2 min read

The status-quo of tech in our industry? “Under Construction” – indefinitely, it seems! Thankfully, companies are catching onto the potential of 21st-century technology in construction management practices. We all know that anything great starts with a solid foundation, which is why any technology that is successful in the construction industry must be based in our grassroots values. Though worldwide, our construction community has specific needs that might not be entirely met by standard Business to Business services. This reason, among others, makes managers hesitant to jump headfirst into uncharted territory, even though the data says that it’s a good move. We professionals in construction must remember that uncharted territory is our own beaten path. Here’s the tech that we at Rhumbix are looking out for:

  1. Hone Your Drones. 37.8% of experimental tech is happening in the air! Drone technology has the potential to innovate shipping, media, security, and other industries, the least to mention construction. Within workflows specifically, data generated from drones can be used to objectively track results-focused progress. When incorporated into an analytics system with other IoT-generated data, drone-derived data can be critical to predicting, testing, and driving future outcomes. Construction-specific drones blend effortlessly with other BIM softwares, and are statistically more efficient to use than not in most projects. It’s important to be mindful, however, that this amount of testing means that a plethora of products are flooding the market. Consult with a BIM tech expert like Rhumbix before investing time and resources into an emerging technology product.
  2. 360 Degree Media. Photo and video recorders that record 360 degrees are in-demand to produce Virtual Reality entertainment. But construction? Yes! Almost 20% of emerging tech from companies rotates 360 degrees. These tools revolutionize almost every step of the building management process from conceptualization to initial blueprints to safety checks. No potential problem will go unnoticed when documented at all angles, ensuring more efficiency for your budget and less hassle for your entire team down the line. We recommend looking for tools that are compatible with the BIM software to which your team is already accustomed.
  3. Laser Sharp. The flood of laser scanning technologies on the recent market stems from demand through BIM. At just under 15%, it is not the most prioritized emerging technology that companies are focused on, but an important niche that facilitates clear teamwork from handheld devices. With a process that mimics a human’s “muscle memory” and recording documentation of every step of the building management, laser scanning is how the 2018 team constructs buildings that last.
  4. Teamwork. While not a digital technology, teamwork is the ultimate game-changer in driving this decade’s innovation in the construction industry. The entire team benefits when labor is optimized from field data, but this can be near impossible for managers to collect, and hiring an in-house specialist is costly and inefficient. Enter Rhumbix, your newest team member. Contact us to see how Rhumbix’s premiere technology can drive more productive workflows and meaningful innovation.