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The Biggest Construction Innovators and Their Strategies

RhumbixApril 16, 2020 • 2 min read

So, what’s new? In an era of boundless interconnectivity through social media, digital payment systems, and even the possibility of travel to Mars, the answer to this question changes every day. Construction technology does not evolve at this lightning pace, but it has witnessed some game-changing developments in recent years. Innovators both in and out of the field are investigating potential improvements to construction workflow processes and change order software to best serve the needs of tomorrow’s builders. Three players are commanding the direction of construction technology, and we wanted to highlight them for this post:

The Denmark-based lab constructed the first 3D-printed building in December of 2017, using a gantry-type printer whose size echoed that of the earliest computers (8x8x6 meters, to be exact). Architect Ana Goidea called on both coding and traditional architectural skills to complete the project. The building, which passed all of Denmark’s and Europe’s rigorous building codes, spearheaded a new niche in the construction industry known as Building on Demand. Printhuset’s innovation in construction technology is most evident in the trend being picked up by other developers worldwide, including the United States and the Middle East. The building materials were entirely composed of recycled tiles and sand, an environmental innovation that would qualify the project for numerous tax breaks here in the states. We look forward to seeing what new construction technologies come out of this Danish powerhouse.

No, that’s not a typo. The young London company prefers to keep its name in all lowercase. The team is not specifically focused on construction, but rather applies pointed UX (user experience) design knowledge to a variety of fields, including aviation, branding, and consumer product design. Their work with drones and modular concepts actively contributes to changes in construction technology that make great building accessible to many more small developers. The beauty of seymourpowell is that their concepts can be applied to a plethora of creative projects, including untraditional building design.

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