‘The World of Concrete – 2019’: A Recap

RhumbixJanuary 29, 2019 • 2 min read

Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s World of Concrete 2019! This year we had an opportunity to present at the PlanGrid Beer Garden, get the scoop on Dewalt’s newest heated gear, and learn more about the latest trends, equipment, tools, and technology for the concrete and masonry industries.

Conversations with Industry Pros
The newest Rhumbix team member – and Construction Application guru – Rob McKinney, toured the event floor speaking with industry experts about trends, technologies, and new innovations. Rob had an opportunity to talk with Josh Progar, Global Director of Customer Advocacy of PlanGrid, who shared his thoughts on the role of data ownership, the rise of predictive analytics, the emergence of new product delivery methods and the convergence of data and construction. The conversation included Josh’s thoughts about the convergence of data and construction.

According to Josh, construction professionals can be much more effective at their jobs if they stay actively engaged in new trends and technologies. “The industry has come so far. Customers recognize that one-off solutions aren’t enough. Instead, customers want to collect data in a structured way so that they can glean insight and analysis and manage their process from design to wrecking ball,” said Josh.


Conversations with Customers
Rob, our ConAppguru, delivered an engaging construction technology presentation inside the PlanGrid Beer Garden on Wednesday. With an audience of nearly 100 attendees, Rob presented a session about the ‘8 Key Steps of Digitizing Construction Workflow.’ One of the key steps he discussed was developing a Requirements Matrix for your current company workflows in both the field and office.

Rob explored the pros and cons of preferred platforms, hardware options, mobile data management, paid versus free apps and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. He also discussed the best practices strategies and how you can draft a plan to fit your company’s needs without overwhelming your budget or staff.

And More…
We were thrilled to capture many of these presentations and interviews in a full event video, so be sure to stay tuned!