T&M Statuses & Images | Web 3.73

RhumbixMay 10, 2019 • 1 min read

We’re excited to announce some big improvements to our T&M product available starting today. This includes the ability to status T&M tags, delete tags from the web, and view/delete photo attachments from the web.

For statuses, subcontractors are able to status their tags as Submitted, Field Approved, and Submitted to GC. If you use the Rhumbix project share product, GCs subsequently are able to status received tags as GC Approved, GC Rejected, Closed Approved, and Closed Rejected. If you do not use the project share product, subcontractors will control the Subcontractor statuses as well as the GC statuses. All tags are automatically created with the Submitted status. Mobile users can now see statuses when reviewing their tags on the mobile app. See below for a grid of the permissions.


To change the status of a T&M tag on the web:

  1. Go to T&M Tracking
  2. Click the left-hand box for the tag you wish to status
  3. Click Actions
  4. Select status
    If you see no statuses, the current status is outside your permission range

To view, edit, or delete a tag or to view or delete images, go to T&M Tracking, select the tag you wish to review or delete by clicking View (far right). In the top right corner, you can edit or delete the tag. While editing, you can delete an image by clicking the trash can button to remove them. Be sure to click Save in the top right after any edits. Deleted tags are unrecoverable, so be sure to double check before deleting.

Please reach out with any questions, support@rhumbix.com or (855)RHUMBIX.