Top 5 Doubts Managers Have About New Tech (And Their Realities)

RhumbixApril 24, 2018 • 2 min read

TV Show Idea: “Mythbusters” Gone Corporate.
Premise: A team of consultants and product developers tour the world, seeking companies that want to realize a higher potential. They speak to the managers about supposed obstacles and eventually lead these managers to understand that the biggest block of their road to success is fear. They bust these fears, and the company’s success goes viral.

Any takers? While we cannot vouch for our screenwriting abilities, we do have confidence in delivering the facts about your newest team member, tech. We’re all about the latest and greatest gadgets but focus on the sufficiently practical and solution-oriented, a must in this rigid industry. Surrounded by cranes and other tools 1000x their weight, you’d think that these pros would have no fears. But their hesitancy to adopt new tech is creating unnecessary roadblocks in their workflows. Here are the top five doubts about new technology solutions, and the facts that counter the fears:

  1. Big Change, Really Fast – Many project managers fear that incorporating new technology into their practice will throw their entire workflow routine out the window, but this is not the case. It is possible and even better to take small steps when going digital, we like to start with payroll and build our digital landscape from there.
  2. It’s Unstable – One of the root problems of technology’s misperception is that it’s intangible: if you cannot see it, is it really there? Well, let’s parallel the situation in today’s framework: missing pink slips, unclear feedback, and communication mishaps are all very real (and very stressful!).
  3. It’s a Fad – Digital tools in construction are just a trend until the “next big thing” comes along, right? Wrong. Construction tech mergers have been holding steady for years, and the niche is only growing. While other industries’ tech may come and go, construction—and our tech—is here to stay.
  4. Onboarding – “Even if the manager loves it, the team may want to leave it!” one frustrated PM lamented to us. We’ve seen craft workers quickly adopt and love the convenience of digital timesheets and quick, paperless communication with others on the team.
  5. No Guidance – The best managers want to be knowledgeable about any changes they implement, and to know that they’re working with the right equipment and team. They want a partner who takes the time to understand the specificity of the project at hand and its potential solutions. Rhumbix can be that partner.