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Where Traditional PM Software Misses the Mark

RhumbixSeptember 17, 2021 • 2 min read

Our industry has remained steadfast through trying economic times, changing regulations, and the ever-evolving construction technology boom. Craft workers and project managers have followed the same blueprints and strategies for construction productivity for years. Many assume that if the digital revolution has not yet hit the construction industry, it never will. Unfortunately, the do nothing-strategy may not be sustainable for the future of construction technology. Craft workers expect access to a full range of tools, including contemporary digital ones, to build efficiently and sustainably. That’s why we’re so passionate about upgrading the programs builders need to innovate in our industry with construction technology software.

Distance Communications

In a perfect world, we would all be on the field together as a team. However, the dynamic landscape of building calls for us to rely on technology, like construction applications, to foster team communication when an in-person conversation is impossible, and the discussion is best held overwriting for records. Old-school construction apps lack the required features like photo, chat, and sharing features. They’re also overwhelmingly geared towards PM-to-office communication, not accounting for craft worker-to-PM or craft worker-to-office communications.


You should not need a degree in computer science to operate construction productivity programs. Unfortunately, many PMs invest their time in learning to operate the basics of outdated construction technology. The best leaders know how to make construction technology work for them, and not the other way around.

Change Orders

Traditional construction productivity software easily lets change orders go unnoticed and unacted upon. Craft workers are left to scramble around for details of the new change order. The faster change orders and other actionable insights are conveyed, the more time and money is saved for everyone on the team.

Leveraged Data

The team’s most valuable data is generated by the craft workers themselves on the field. To truly harness transformative innovation from data, you will need a construction app built to do so. Rhumbix is the best construction technology tool to drive better building with data.

About Rhumbix: We know that the best technology provides you with a way to get to work faster. Rhumbix Field Intelligence Platform is a digital solution that improves every aspect of daily construction operation with better data from the field to the home office. Rhumbix boosts productivity, craft worker morale, and building quality while providing a field experience that teams love.