Training the Trainer

RhumbixFebruary 28, 2020 • 2 min read

Want to know the best way to implement new software into your company? At Rhumbix, our Field Operations team deploys our field data solutions using a Train the Trainer approach. We empower your deployment staff with interactive and collaborative planning and training sessions. Working with our team your trainers become strong resources and key players who will lead your company to success.

There are many benefits to a Train the Trainer approach. Here are three key reasons why this is the best strategy for training your team.

Your employees have the best understanding of your company’s processes

During deployment, we provide your trainers with insight on how our product is used in real situations. After mastering our product, they have the best understanding of how to optimize training and implementation that works best for your organization. We often see your creative and talented employees stretch the product that extra mile for the benefit of your company. When you combine our configurable and user-friendly system with your company expertise, we are confident that your team will be set up for success.

Your employees have the best understanding of your company’s people and culture

Trainers within your organization reflect your culture and speak your internal language. How many different words exist for the concept of extra work requested on-site? Time & Materials Tag, Extra Work Order, and Change Order Request are just a few that come to mind. Your people speak your common language and will always use familiar words training your employees. This is key in learning and retention of any new skills.

Elevating your employees allows your company to win

Implementing a Train the Trainer process provides an opportunity for growth and development for supervisors or managers within your team. The future of your company is only as good as the processes and people you develop. Allowing new team members and leaders to take ownership of a new software training program gives them an opportunity to develop leadership skills that benefit both them and your company.


Your trainers are never alone on their path to success. After the initial deployment, we have many resources for continued learning including our Support Center with training videos and helpful guides. We highly encourage your trainers to share these resources with their teammates as they are really helpful for continued development.

Two of our core values at Rhumbix are Workers First and Gains. It is a key priority of ours to ensure that we invest the time and knowledge needed to lead your team to success, while also pushing and encouraging them to become leaders within your organization. The Rhumbix Field Operations team will always be available for any inquiries but we know that you are the secret to your success!