#EmergeRX Series - How Worksite Tracking Can Make You a Better Boss

RhumbixMay 23, 2018 • 2 min read

We’ve been fortunate enough to talk to a lot of incredible project managers throughout our journey of creating Rhumbix from the ground up. It is understandable that construction professionals are wary of one of the foundational aspects to Rhumbix, our award-winning worksite tracking systems. While we have evolved to timekeeping and production tracking, many concerns remain the same: PMs fear that they will become “big brothers” of sorts, scrutinizing their team rather than supervising. They are team players and would hate to seem overbearing to their fellow workers on the field, but many do not realize that timekeeping and production tracking make you a more effective boss that the team ultimately prefers to work with, and here’s why:

  • Indisputable Data – Have a brush with another worker in the field? While the best PMs do not let a little construction site scuffle get in the way of fairly managing progress, many craft workers feel justifiably on-edge if they are not getting on with the person or people in charge. They fear that the validity of their work will boil down to the supervisor’s word against theirs, and potentially harm their long-term reputation in the industry. Production tracking provides the data, which speaks on behalf of the workers, an unbiased unit of work. Supervisors have this on permanent record, and can then add feedback or report to higher-ups back at the office in real-time.
  • Cost Incentives – Every experienced project manager can probably relate to the following scenario: you are making your normal rounds on the site, when suddenly you discover a part of the project that seems a bit off-book; upon further investigation, you realize that a large part of the development will need to be scrapped and redone, costing precious time and money. The near real-time data harvested through the combination of timekeeping and production tracking allows PMs to keep a close eye on the building progress without micromanaging. If an element is veering off-track, insight from Rhumbix’s mobile and web applications lets you nip it in the bud.
  • Safer Sites – We have previously discussed the critical importance of safety practices on the field, and how business and cost benefits stem from a safe workplace (not to mention the obvious, of course, which is less injuries and a happier team).

Your Most Effective Tool – Timekeeping, paired with production tracking, is the closest to real-time data of the worksite possible, and is just one of the many features that upgrade your jobsite and accelerate the efficiency. Contact us today to find out more.