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Your Guide to Efficient Payroll Processing

RhumbixApril 28, 2020 • 5 min read

Money is important in every aspect of a business. This rings true when it comes to paying employees: if you don’t pay in a timely manner, you’ll find yourself out of workers quickly.

It makes sense to outsource your payroll processing. This ensures payroll gets handled in a smooth manner, with nothing forgotten.

Learn why the benefits of outsourcing your payroll and why your employees will grow to love it too.

Ensure Everything Gets Streamlined

Take a step back and review how your current payroll processing system looks. Are you missing information from any of your employees such as addresses, or do they need to update their tax filing status?

Make sure you have everything you need from employees and then determine what type of pay schedule works best for your company. In most cases, it’s easiest to pay all of your employees at the same time, regardless of the type of company you operate.

Consider how often you plan on paying. Some companies pay once a month, but you’ll find employees appreciate pay periods that occur twice in a month.

Consider making your paydays the 1st and the 15th or every two weeks.

Go Paperless for Your Payroll Processing

Going paperless is the wave of the future for most companies. You’ll find a variety of benefits to getting rid of paper and offering folks an easier, less cluttered way to track their finances.

If you’re wondering why you should go paperless, consider the ease of having payroll distributed.

  • Employees don’t come in or line up to pick up their checks
  • Many companies offer a portal where employees can log in and view their paystub
  • Easier to manage when employees quit or get fired since payment gets distributed to their bank account or pay card

Since there’s less paperwork to deal with, you don’t need to focus on keeping copies or extra documents filed away somewhere. This prevents employee information from floating around the office and allows you to keep social security numbers and pay amounts under lock and key.

If you’re still working with your payroll in this old-fashioned manner, consider making the upgrade today. With an automated process, you’ll discover how easy it is to ensure everyone gets paid, allowing you to focus on other business matters at hand.

Upgrade Your Software for Payroll

Many employers think that working with the same software they’ve had since the company opened is fine. They mistakenly believe it saves money.

If you’ve added several new employees since you’ve opened, you’ll find it’s sometimes difficult to open the software, or the payroll system works too slowly, these are signs an upgrade is in order.

Software that stores employees information saves time and allows you to make updates in an effective manner. You can even find software that allows you to calculate the cost of a project and different pay scales for employees depending on their title.

It’s important to realize that simply because you’re getting a new computer program doesn’t mean your issues are gone for good. If there are problems related to accuracy or time management then a good program won’t prevent these from happening regularly.

But when you sense a need to improve your payroll processing procedures, having a new computer program can make a world of difference.

Stay Updated on Changes to State and Federal Tax Laws

This sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget about changes in tax laws when it comes to state or federal taxes. If you’re still handing out checks the old fashioned way and calculating everything yourself, this is more important than ever.

This is important if you don’t have a computer program that gets updates and reminds you of these changes. If this is the angle you’re taking, stay updated on changes the IRS makes in tax laws and figure out if any of these play a role in your company.

You’ll avoid penalties and other problems associated with not staying abreast of laws. Both you and your employees can avoid filing amended returns, allowing you to get your tax return in as timely a manner as possible.

Save Time and Outsource Payroll

When you’re busy with your construction business, hiring and managing employees and ensuring deadlines get met in a timely manner, processing payroll is often the last thing on your mind.

Sure, you can put in extra hours to get the job done or work long after everyone goes home, but that’s not the most productive way to handle the situation. You’ll get tired, make mistakes, and feel frustrated.

Consider outsourcing your payroll needs, so you’ll get more time to focus on your business. You’ll have benefits such as:

  • No need to think about handling payday
  • Giving employees contact information to the payroll company itself if there’s an issue
  • More time to devote to managing your business or company
  • Not getting overwhelmed with too many duties and different hats to wear

Many managers and company owners balk because they think outsourcing is expensive. When you consider how a payroll company can keep accurate records and handle problems related directly to pay, it makes sense to enlist outside help.

You’ll enjoy having time to focus on what you love while letting someone else help you with the accounting, knowing that they’re skilled and up-to-date.

Learn More

If you have a construction business, you know that payroll processing is an important part for ensuring everything runs smoothly. Happy employees make for a productive and thriving workplace.

Having an outside payroll company is essential if you want to free up time for yourself and stay on top of the business.

If you’re looking for ways to automate and make everything run properly, learn more about going paperless on job sites. See how this makes work effective and why it’s the way of the future for construction companies.


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