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Construction Technologist Webinar Highlights

RhumbixApril 16, 2020 • 2 min read

How has the role of a Construction Technologist evolved over the past few years in the construction industry?

Last week our ConAppGuru, Rob McKinney, hosted a webinar with Travis Voss (Mechanical Inc.) and Jason Waddell (Batson-Cook Construction). They had a lively conversation about the Evolving Role of the Construction Technologist. These three #ConstructionDorks discussed several topics around how to find or better develop the role of a construction technologist at your company. There were a number of great discussions including lessons learned, best methods for technology adoption, and the one tool users must have!

The first topic discussed was, “What is your greatest lesson learned in trying to implement new technology?” Some key highlights include a few tips for getting the ball rolling at your company.

Travis Voss (Mechanical Inc.) had this to say, “Choose your champions wisely. Don’t try to force someone who really isn’t interested. Set the expectation level well. The champion you choose should be interested in exploring, understand that there will be bumps and bruises, and will help you get buy-in with the rest of the organization. Sometimes you only get one shot to gain traction so, choose wisely.” 

Jason Waddell (Batson-Cook) had this to say, “Pick the right people and projects for piloting the technology. If you use people that are very tech-savvy, they will get it and love it right away and if you pick people that have no interest in change or using tech, they will never move forward. You need the right mix.” 

Another topic discussed was, “What is the one tool you must have?” This tool could be hardware or software. The idea here was around something that helped each person accomplish their goals and tasks at work.

Travis Voss had this to say, “A digital notebook. I float between different platforms based on need and form factor, but the ability to take notes anywhere, anytime and then search or recall them when needed is paramount. Whether at an industry event or on the jobsite, I’m taking in so much information and ideas that I can’t catalog it all in my tiny brain.” 

Jason Waddell had this to say, “BIM 360. We have been users for six years and it’s an all in one tool for use to do coordination, field management, project management and newly released cost management.” 

There were several great #ConTech takeaways from this webinar! If you are interested in becoming a Construction Technologist for your company then check out the replay of this webinar today!


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