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Exploring Innovations in the Industry

RhumbixOctober 04, 2022 • 5 min read

As with all industries existing in the world today, the construction industry is constantly changing. New inventions and innovations have helped to improve the quality of essentially everything on construction sites, from communication, to efficiency, to functionality, and more.

Interested in learning about some of the modern technological innovations in construction? Don’t stop reading now. Below, we’re going to discuss all of the cutting-edge construction technology that’s available.


Though they already exist and are already used on some work sites, wearables are going to continue to see a growth in popularity this year and beyond. Wearables are electronic devices which are typically worn on workers’ belts. They are easy to use, extremely accessible, and capable of being taken anywhere.

There are a variety of benefits associated with these devices. Not only do they allow workers to be instantly informed of construction updates, they instantly inform workers of potential safety hazards as well. Not to mention, they are optimal note-taking devices.

While wearables will most typically be worn around work belts, they can be worn in other ways as well. Some of the different types of wearables include smart jackets, smart glasses, and smart helmets. All of these wearables are capable of producing necessary alerts and instructions which will ensure that workers are ever-informed.

Risk Management Analysis Software

Managing risk is vital to any construction company. The better you are at managing risk, the more efficient your project will be, and the less money you’ll spend.

This is why risk management analysis software is growing in popularity. This software manages risk by helping you to predict future outcomes.

Not only does it draw data from common construction problem areas, but it also draws data from supply trends, subcontractor capabilities, and design plans. After combining this data, it alerts you to where you should be focusing most of your attention.

While some companies are already using this software, it’s becoming available to more and more companies as of late. By the end of next year, just about every construction company worth its salt will be using it.

Augmented Reality

Another construction innovation that has had a push as of late is augmented reality. Augmented reality allows you to walk through a construction site while being delivered visual information about the things you’re looking at.

The most sophisticated methods of this innovation necessitate that you wear a pair of goggles. These goggles use geographical and construction data to produce 3D images on top of actual objects. This allows you to see what a specific construction entity would look like with additional components added.

However, there are also smartphone apps being created which allow you to mimic this technique on your phone. While these apps are still mostly in their development stages, they should start making a real difference in the very near future.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is similar to augmented reality but has some fairly vast differences. Like augmented reality, it is on the cusp of making a huge positive impact on the construction industry.

However, whereas the augmented reality is most beneficial for construction workers and construction site managers, virtual reality is most beneficial for construction planners and designers. This is because it can be used in offices, board rooms, and convention halls in order to display 4D images and videos of planned construction projects. It can be used to seal the interests of prospective investors.

Virtual reality is in its stage of infancy as it pertains to construction. It’s only going to get more popular from here.

Perpetually Connected Work Sites

In the past, construction sites were forever being ham-stringed by a lack of communication. The fact of the matter is that it’s difficult to communicate with a widely distributed group of workers in a thorough and efficient manner.

However, all of that is beginning to change. Sophisticated construction apps are bringing work crews closer together, allowing for constant, detailed, and widespread communication in real-time. By connecting everyone a work site, these apps reduce the number of mistakes that are being made and ensure that projects are completed in a timely manner.

Most large construction companies are already using these apps. Within the next year, it’s likely that every construction company in the developed world will be using them.

Color-Altering Gloves

We’re far out of the 19th century. These days, worker safety is considered to be absolutely vital. That’s why, every year, we seem to see more and more inventions and innovations which improve safety on the work site.

One of the newest safety innovations to hit the construction industry is color-altering gloves. These gloves are designed to change colors in the event that they come into contact with dangerous substances such as carbon monoxide.

While they were first invented in 2013, they’re yet to be officially released. However, it’s a safe bet to say that they will make an appearance within the next few years.

Halo Lights

For years, construction workers used nothing more than headlamps in order to see and be seen in the dark. It wasn’t until recently that halo lights were invented.

Halo lights are LED lights which wrap around the entirety of construction helmets. Bright, illuminating lights, they not only allow for a wide range of night-time vision, but they also make it exceedingly easy for workers to be spotted.

At this point, halo lights are already being used at a number of constructions sites throughout the world. However, in the coming years, their popularity is expected to grow substantially.

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