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Highlights from the AGC IT Forum 2019

RhumbixApril 29, 2020 • 2 min read

A couple of weeks ago, Rob McKinney the ConnAppGuru, spoke at the Associated General Contractors of America IT Forum in Chicago. He presented at the Friday morning general session and covered the steps required to digitize a paper-based workflow. According to Mr. McKinney, there are a few key steps that contractors should consider when transitioning a workflow from paper-based to digital.

The first step contractors should consider is to create a technology committee at their company. This should be a diverse group of team members that meet on a regular basis to help guide the company’s digital journey. It would be wise to set an odd number of team members for this group so that there is a tie-breaker vote to settle debates or decisions. Ideally, the group would meet in person, but a web meeting might be necessary for some remote members.

The second step contractors should consider is to develop a set of requirements matrices. This is a checklist that details all the key features that your company requires. By doing a side-by-side comparison of software, potential users can review which features a particular platform offers versus another.

The other two parts of the Four C’s Program are Communicate and Coordinate. When followed, these four steps will help construction companies better define the path they will take on their digital journey. The process of change is never easy at any company, however in order to fully leverage new technology contractors must adopt an open mindset to change through technology.

If you would like to learn more about the ConAppGuru’s steps to digitize construction workflows program then consider downloading the ebook Developing a Digital Strategy.


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